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The one provided here is by no means the only one or the most elegant one, but it works. You have to have Exchange Online and Office 365 connections in the same WAAD Power Shell session for the next step.First, get the guid of the Office 365 group that was used for address book filtering: Guids will be displayed in the left column. Substitute “GUID” with the actual GUID, you don’t need to use single or double quotes around the GUID for this to work.

Note: the steps above grant you access to “New-Global Address List” and “New-Address List” commands that will be used later in this article.Well, Creating DAG is much more simpler as comparing to Exchange 2010, But configuring it properly is the best part to have it efficiently working.So lets see how to create a 2 node DAG , where most of the Environments are willing to have 2 Dedicated servers for Exchange Server 2016 – (No Roles Anymore – All in One) Preferred Architecture – I will describe my environment now.Administrators can create multiple address books and global address lists and filter them to only the specific contacts/mailboxes/groups.This makes it possible to lock down any given user to viewing contact details only of the employees they are supposed to see, creating an impression that the user is in a different Exchange / Office 365 organization. It was possible to do this in on-prem Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, and even as far back as Exchange 2003.

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